Current Projects


In 2014, I co-founded Barometry with curator Anna Walker. A Houston-based initiative that encompasses exhibitions, publications, and public programming, Barometry is an itinerant non-profit project which considers visual and written work as interrelated modes of inquiry, connected to the places and spaces in which they develop. In collaboration with artists, writers, and curators from Texas and beyond, Barometry encourages dialogue and questioning, especially about critical ideas in contemporary practice and discourse, such as audience and authorship, community, craft, the natural world, politics, regionalism, urbanism, and sustainability. Barometry's first public project, Urban Ecologies, will open at the Galveston Art Center in February 2015. For regular updates, please visit the Barometry website.

Nahui Olin: Optica Cerebral, Poemas Dinámicos

Originally published in 1923, this book of poems and short essays by Mexican artist and writer Nahui Olin (Carmen Mondragon, 1893-1978) considers themes of love and creative inspiration. With an introduction by Dr. Atl (Geraldo Murillo Cornado, 1875-1964) and a silk-screened portrait of Olin on its cover, it is an important document of the 1920s-era artistic community in Mexico City, from the perspective of a mostly forgotten participant in that heady world. Olin inspired numerous painters and photographers during an unprecedented moment in Mexico's artistic and political trajectory. I am writing the first English translation of the book in its entirety.

Tell it to the Horses

I am currently completing the research for Tell it to the Horses: The Life, Art, and Community of a Radical Kansas Painter, a forthcoming monographic book of essays which takes James Dean Pruner (1951-1987) as its locus. A prolific painter, printmaker, sculptor, poet, and zinemaker, Pruner was a land activist and small farm advocate whose anti-oil and anti-technology politics were emblematic of the community's larger interests, then and now. The book is comprised of reminiscences from his friends and fellow artists, archival material provided by his family and local police, formal considerations of his work and art of the period, and personal essays about the research process and its connections to a broader community history. In it, I break from conventional art historical narrative, engaging instead with issues of process, memoir, archives, fiction, and history. In 2016, an exhibition of Pruner's work and a corresponding website will accompany the book's publication, making this a multi-platform project.

YAXS Foundation

In 2014, I joined the international advisory committee for Fundación YAXS, a commissioned work-in-residency program with a documentation center and exhibition space. The foundation invites internationally renowned contemporary artists to complete a residency in Guatemala City, where they develop a site-specific project relevant to local context and history. The Foundation will launch its first residency in 2016.


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